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What we offer


From supplying standard replacement parts, to full upgrades, we'll help you stop.



We can supply parts for general maintenance, modification or full bespoke systems.



We can supply all the gear to help keep your drivetrain in tip-top condition, from standard street to full race. 
We specialise in IRS systems.



Whatever you need, we'll can supply, source or build. From maintenance parts to service items, fuses to fire extinguishers, get in touch.


Steering Tie Rods

We make our own steering tie-rods in house. Using CDS tube, these are incredibly strong. Each one is individually made to suit your application, so whether your front beam is standard, widened or narrowed, Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive, Balljoint or King & Linkpin, using a steering damper or not, we can make them for you.
Using a half-nut to secure the rod-ends, they also feature a 26mm holding-nut for ease of adjustment.
If ordering for Balljoint hubs, please check whether they take a 10mm pin (17mm nut) or 12mm pin (19mm nut)


Metalwork & Fabrication

We can narrow or widen front beams, add adjusters or perform a simple cut & turn. We also have media-blasting facilities if you have a component that needs rejuvenating.
We have tooling to modify dropped spindles if you find the lower balljoint fouls your wheels
Get in touch if you need anything made or repaired. More often than not, a simple sketch with a handful of measurements is all that's needed.
Small/medium size components only, we cannot undertake vehicle structure/bodywork repairs or modifications
City & Guilds 601/4170 Welding Level 1 Certified

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